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please look at the details because my question is too long!!

so I am applying to a public university with an honors college with the intent of going to the honors college. The application for the public university and the honors college are all put together but you have to answer one specific essay to be considered for the honors college while there are other supplementals and the common app essay for the regular college admission. my question was that I wanted to include that I’m going to start a club that isn’t offered at the University... but it is offered at the honors college which I want to go to.

does it make sense for me to try and show what I can bring to the school by starting a club when the honors college already has one? keep in mind that this essay is for the public university not necessarily the honors college so that’s why I wanted to include that I want to start a club. To give you more context, the prompt asks “ please explain how you will share your experiences, values and interest with our community. In what ways can you imagine offering your support to others?” So I wanted to talk about how I can start a club that wasn’t offered. The college is a University of Oregon with the Robert D Clark honors college.


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2 years ago

Make sure you're clarifying that the club would be for the regular college admission. You need to express your desire to attend the honors college. By letting them know that you hope to attend it, it'll make it clear that if you just get the regular admission, you'll start that club. Wish you the best of luck! Fingers crossed for that honors college acceptance :)

2 years ago

I think its fine to write about starting a new club because not only does it show initiative it also shows that you want to expand a certain club and make it available to more people. All I can say is: make sure there is a clear distinction (in your essay) between wanting to start a club if you get accepted in regular admissions, and getting accepted at the honors college. At the end of the day there's never a downside to showing what you can bring to the table. Just make it clear and precise.

Good Luck!


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