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Hi, I had a question regarding school

So I am planning to attend a school called Utah Military Academy grades 7-12th, I was wondering does going to a Military Academy up my chances of getting accepted into an ivy league because it's like a unique background and not a lot of kids apply from military academies? I am also a female Asian? So can you give me an explanation?

Thank you

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Attending a military academy by itself versus a public or non-military private high school would not give you a nudge unless it were a feeder school like Exeter, Andover, St.Pauls, Hotchkiss or Deerfield. Your HS has a little better than average SAT stats at 1200 but only offers 4 AP classes and 23% Reading and 13% Math proficiency which I think is less than average. If you decide to attend there you will need nearly perfect grades, have taken dual enrollment or outside AP classes to make up for course rigor, have a big spike or two and great ECs and play a varsity sport good enough to be recruited. Then I think you can overcome the deficit of being an Asian female applicant which is one of the hardest demographics to get into an Ivy. If that sounded blunt, I'm sorry but you can verify what I mean by entering your information in the chancing profile and see how you stack up in % percentage versus putting in say, Hispanic Male. It's mind-boggling different like 10 times harder in some cases. Through no fault of the Asian community, there are so many super high stats Asian females that both apply to Ivies and get in. You can see that the majority of Ivy League reaction videos on youtube are Asian females and their stats are all at the 1550+, 35+, 4.0, 750+ range. The problem is "affirmative action", not you or your school. Best of luck.

a year ago

As @CameronBameron mentioned, you're likely to get no boost from going to this school. If you do get a boost it will be incredibly tiny and won't be enough to overcome your demographics unfortunately. As @CameronBameron also mentioned, being an Asian female makes it incredibly difficult to get into an Ivy. One thing I do want to mention is that when you are applying to colleges your application gets looked at in the context of what is available to you at your school. You don't necessarily need to take outside AP classes to "make up" for your course rigor. Since your school only offers 4 APs, and if you take them all, that will show you are challenging yourself and taking advantage of what is available to you. However, since you are considering Ivies it will benefit you to go above and beyond and take outside AP classes to prove you're willing to go the extra mile to push yourself. I want to make it clear I'm taking about actual AP classes and not just taking AP tests outside of your school. The scores you get on your AP tests have very limited impact on admissions.

I wish I could've given you better news! Try to think about and focus on the aspects you can control. That basically means your grades, finding some killer ECs, and doing well on standardized tests. Make strong connections with teachers, coaches, mentors, etc. so you can get a good letter of recommendation and leave yourself plenty of time to write/revise your essays. If it's outside of your control try not to spend too much energy worrying about it because, well, it's outside your control!

Good luck and happy to answer any follow-up questions.


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