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ED/REA Confusion


I'm applying as an international student needing a lot of aid. I actually understand the differences between Ed and REA but REA is a bit of a gamble for me since I wouldn't be able to apply for EA as well. I was thinking of applying REA on the coalition app and applying EA on the common app. Is that possible and if yes, is that a good thing to do?

thanks a lot.

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Hi, @Bezzy01! It doesn't matter which form of application you use, whether it be The Common App, The Coalition App, or some of the universities' individual applications. The policies established in REA reign true regardless of which application you use.

This means that if you apply REA to a university, it doesn't matter which application you use–you will not be allowed to apply to another university's ED program, or EA for most (all universities specify in their REA explanation which universities you are still able to apply early action to, usually allowing EA to public universities or universities in another country).


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