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Should I take pre-calc or college stats?

Im going to be a senior next year. I was pretty set on taking college stats since you need a recommendation to take it and it would give me 3 college credits, but now I’m unsure. My friend is saying that most colleges require precalc and if I don’t take it then I’ll have to take it in college during the fall and winter semester. Online it also says I should take pre calc over stats (not considering the stats would be college level). I would drop college stats and go to regular stats if it got too hard. What do you guys think?

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@DD_Biscut71319 days ago

It's great that you're considering your options! If most colleges require pre-calculus, it might be wise to prioritize that unless you're confident in your ability to succeed in college-level statistics. Keep in mind your academic strengths and future goals when making your decision. Consulting with your school counselor or math teacher could provide valuable insight tailored to your situation. Ultimately, choose the course that aligns best with your academic needs and aspirations.

@caitlin_bowen18 days ago

Choosing between pre-calculus and college statistics depends on your future academic and career goals. If you're considering majors or fields that heavily rely on mathematical concepts, like engineering or certain sciences, then pre-calculus might be the better option as it provides a strong foundation for advanced math courses.

However, if you're interested in fields like social sciences, business, or data analysis, college statistics could be more beneficial. It not only offers college credit

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19 days ago

@PumpkinBunny If your school offers AP pre-calc, take that chance. You'll eventually have to take pre-calc in college so it makes more sense to take it now where it'll probably be easier as opposed to in college when you'll have a significantly higher workload.

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