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How to increase my chances to get into Emory, Georgia tech, John Hopkins?

I am seeking admissions advice for attending Emory University or Georgia Tech in Georgia and later transferring to Johns Hopkins University for med studies. I have a 3.70 GPA, strong test scores (SAT: 1600, ACT: 36), and actively participate in extracurricular activities such as Key Club, French National Honor Society, Math Club, Science Olympiad, and more. I have completed 8 AP courses, earning scores of 4-5 on all of them, and have also taken 2 college courses. My goal is to become a neurosurgeon, and I am eager to gather insights on how I can improve my chances of admission to Emory and/or Georgia tech.

Emory University:

- Chances of getting accepted: 22%

- Overall acceptance rate: 13%

Johns Hopkins University:

- Chances of getting accepted: 10%

- Overall acceptance rate: 8%

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech):

- Chances of getting accepted: 17%

- Overall acceptance rate: 16%

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These include garage employers to multinational companies jobs from various fields which required different skill set and education. Please make sure to authenticate these companies and never give any money to any employer at all. ( jobz.pk/office-jobs/ )

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Please just make sure you're incredibly specific about what you like about the school in your essay!! "The campus is beautiful, with innovative teaching methods and accelerated learning dadadada.." NO, BE MORE CREATIVE IF YOU CAN. if you replace the college name with another, nothing changes. What class(es) do you want to take? Is there a specific program you hope to utilize there? How will being at a certain college further your goals/ academic pathways?

Vv general answer, sorry!!! :')

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Your GPA is average, but your SAT and ACT is perfect, also, your EC is good.

With that said, here is what I would do.

1. During the application, I would submit both SAT and ACT score, many people do not do this because 99% of the time, one of their score is higher than the other, but in your case, they are both top scores, so I would submit both of them which would boost chances.

2. I would try to raise the GPA, 3.7 is average for those schools, so maybe 3.8-3.9 by the end.

3. Practice your College essay, think about your topic you will write for it, your College essay is really important.

In short, since your SAT, ACT is so good, you would get time to practice your college essay, work on your gpa and ec.

Good luck! I firmly believe that you can make it to any one of those schools you listed.

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