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What APS should I take my Junior year of High School considering my possible major(s)?

Hello! I am a current sophomore, and yes I am back again with a new question.

I just learned today that the maximum of APs I can take is 3 only (each year). This year, only one AP was offered (APWH). This is a bit unfortunate however my school offers CTE classes (double periods) which is a requirement to graduate so it makes sense!

The APS offered for me next year is:

- AP Pre-Calc or AP Calculus AB

- AP Chemistry and AP Psychology

- AP Seminar (counts as a science)

- AP English Literature

- AP US History

- AP Computer Science Principles OR AP Computer Science A (counts as a math; virtual during school)

My majors of interest include:

- Computer Science (whether it be cyber security, software engineering, etc)

- Health Sciences (surgeon, dentistry, etc)

I want to take AP Calculus AB or AP Pre-Calculus. But the rest I don't know.

The AP Computer Sciences are online Zoom calls. AP Comp Sci A requires you to take either the bridge to comp sci or AP CSP. I could also ask my counselor to put me in it...

I also believe they let you take one science only, but if two sciences could fit that year, maybe it could work...

I am finished with my science requirements to graduate, but I want to take physics. So when should I take it? Next year or senior year?

Thank you for your help!


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17 days ago

I would recommend taking Calc AB, APUSH or AP Lit, and Comp Sci A.

Only take Calc AB if you are confident and comfortable in your algebra abilities because Calc is a large step up from Algebra 2. If you aren't comfortable with algebra just yet, taking precalc will not negatively impact you. It would be much better to get a concrete understanding of algebra if there are areas that you don't feel great in yet before jumping right into calculus.

Both APUSH and AP Lit will look great on your resume. If you took AP World History, I would recommend taking AP Lit to show a variety of competence in subjects, But either is fine.

If you are good with computer science already, Comp Sci A will be great if you get into it, otherwise don't sweat taking Comp Sci Principles.

If you can, take Physics Jr. year, but it's not necessary. I would highly recommend talking this over with your counselor because they would have a lot more knowledge than me.

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