2 years ago
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i'm an international student from india how should i update my coursework?

in india we are not given option to choose subjects and we do not have concept of ap/ib classes. all the students have the same classes. then what should i choose when i am asked in the common app about my level of class? should i choose regular or standard?

i will be applying for class of 2025 , and due to covid situation no entrances are being held and due to finances i am not able to give SAT as the schools have stated that it will not effect my application , i wanted to ask whether it will be a downfall in my application

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2 years ago

I don't know much about the curriculum but take ICSE classes and score high on the TOEFL. Don't worry about SAT as you are international so it won't hurt that much. Mainly try to get national recognition and high grades

2 years ago

I will also be apply for class of 2025 to foreign universities, I'm from india too. And I can feel your pain. I actually have marked all my courses as regular. But I'm planning on taking the Ap exams next year. Therefore I'm preparing for it but I'm not going to put it in my courses section intead in my activities section because this is somthing I'm doing out of school. You can find various of online courses for Ap. And the other way is to show that you have done something different when not taken any advanced or honor classes.


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