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what is the acceptance rate of mit for india?


does mit acceptance changes country by country.


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MIT's acceptance rate was 7.3% for the last admissions cycle and 6.7% the year before. This year it may go down in the 6s because 8%+ of accepted incoming freshmen deferred their admissions until next year, normally only 1% postpone enrollment. This link will show you all the stats with regards to the current class of 2024. Good luck.

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So while mit does not release data about the admission rates from different countries, they did admit about 140 international students out of nearly 4100 who applied. That gives about a 3.4% acceptance rate for international students which is really low. I doubt that care much about which country your from but more about your profile. As long as you have a strong profile, it will help you get in. I recommend using the chancing calculator on collegevine to see your chances.