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My confidence level is near zero with my extracurriculars. Are these ECAs good enough?

I am an international student who has applied to some top places for the Fall 2024 session. I didn't do an ED1 and got rejected from Wellesley from ED2. My high school rank is 5th out of 120 students and my SAT score is 1540. Here are my ECAs:

1. Vice President of the school literature club of my second high school (I went to three different schools in 4 years of HS).

2. General Secretary in the Literature and Modern Language club of my first high school(in grades 9-10)

3. One top-tier and another tier-2 international essay prize.

4. Prize in a virtual international MUN conference.

5. Writer and poster designer for an educational nonprofit in my country. It was not a paid job.

6. Volunteering with children with Autism and taking care of my brother who suffers from it.

7. Winner of a national-level blog competition

8. Working as a researcher with a US-based organization aimed at making content related to international relations and politics.

9. Was in the top 200 out of 5000 contestants in the national round of the International Economics Olympiad 2023

10. Have completed a research paper, now trying to get it published.

11. Won some in-school math competitions and attended a national math competition.

I mainly applied to the LACs. Are my stats and ECAs good enough to get me into the top LACs like Barnard, Bowdoin, Swarthmore, Colgate, Wesleyan, Williams, and Vassar? Or should I consider a gap year to enrich my profile?

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These extracurriculars look incredible and you should be able to get into one of your options assuming you have solid course rigor. Because the schools you're applying to are largely private, your acceptance into each may not reflect how strong your actual application is. I would wait for your other results, but overall, your entire profile looks Ivy-quality.

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