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Will I get into Georgia tech or Emory as a freshman?

My counselor keeps saying I wont get in and dude it's really crushing me so so much and I need some advice truly here's my transcript . . .

I have a 3.70 GPA, strong test scores (SAT: 1600, ACT: 36), and actively participate in extracurricular activities such as Key Club, French National Honor Society, Math Club, Science Olympiad, and more. I have completed 8 AP courses, earning scores of 4-5 on all of them, and have also taken 2 college courses. My goal is to become a neurosurgeon, and I am eager to gather insights on how I can improve my chances of admission to Emory and/or Georgia tech.

Emory University:

- Chances of getting accepted: 22%

- Overall acceptance rate: 13%

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech):

- Chances of getting accepted: 17%

- Overall acceptance rate: 16%

@NuNeptune3 months ago

You got a perfect score on the SAT?

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3 months ago

I can't say that I'm not jealous - you have some amazing stats! I think it really sucks that your counselor told that to you because I really think you have a chance of getting in. At this point, I think it really depends on your personal essays/how you present yourself to the admission offices. It makes a strong point when you talk about what you can provide to (this college)'s community. I'd say that you should seek out resources such as an essay reviewer or a mentor to help you prepare your essays and really nail down the point that "Yes, I do belong here."

Worst comes to worst; if you get denied from a college, you have other schools on your list that think that you'll definitely fit into and will get you the education you need to become a neurosurgeon. You have what it takes, so don't listen to your counselor. You got it!

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