4 years ago
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please answer if you know about University of Oregon and the honors college!!

So I am applying for the University of Oregon Robert D. honors college. The application for the honors college and university of Oregon are all together but to apply to the honors college you need to write a separate essay for a separate prompt on the common app. The honors college essay has us respond to quotes and I responded to a Maya Angelo quote about prejudice. my essay was about how prejudice affected me and how I overcame it.

so university of Oregon application is made up of the common app essay and additional supplemental essays. There is one supplemental essay where I get to choose from writing about discrimination and what I learned from the experience and how I can bring that to the University, then another topic about how I can share my experiences and values with the community and offer support to others.

I wanted to really write about the discrimination and lessons that I learned from it that I can bring to the university but I feel like that essay will be too close to my honors college one and I’m not sure if they are assessing both the application for the regular university andcthe honors college together or separately. I’m not sure if I should just write the discrimination essay and with a few similar details from the honors college essay but then maybe make a focus on what I learned and how I can bring that to the University. I feel like the second prompt about my experiences isn’t strong enough essay that I can write passionately about because trust me, I have tried.

please help!!


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4 years ago

If your primary goal is to get into the honor's college because you already know you are getting into the regular college (like 7 out of 8 people get into UofO), then focus on the honor's college supplemental essay and make sure it's the best possible one you can write because the Application readers are going to be the ones who rule on who gets into the Honors College, not the other way around. If you know you are going to glide through door number 1, then focus on getting through door number 2. Don't pad up your common app essay for Honor's college essay. Pad up the Honors college essay to be the best one because they use that to differentiate the applicants besides your Stats including grades and test scores. GOOD LUCK. You'll be fine.

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