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Can I get into NYU with these stats?

I’m currently a Sophomore in HS hoping to major in medicine/dentistry.

I’m currently enrolled in my school’s Dental program (by selective acceptance) which are taught by two decently connected teachers. Though, they aren’t connected to schools like NYU but rather CUNYS.

My EC’s so far:

- Key club web manager (9th) Planning to run this year too.

- Summer internship (Geoscience based, conducted secondary research that created a non published poster and assisted in collecting data for official research.)

- Became my schools STEM ambassador (9th-graduation) where we basically teach elementary and middle schoolers about science and tech literacy.

- Track & Field JV

- STEM Saturday programs at a university for 4 weeks

- Performing in school concerts

I’m also planning to apply to NHS my junior year and debating on joining my schools Science Olympiad.

I believe my current GPA is a 3.8 (I’m still unsure how the GPA weighted and unweighted system works). I average about a 98%-99% every semester.

Only honors in 9th grade was Chemistry and Geometry but I’m talking full honors this year. Aps starting next year.

Coming from a “low” income family.

If I can’t get into NYU, what other schools can I get into with my fields of interest?

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2 months ago

wow that looks great just keep your grades up and right a great essay and you have a great shot. I know since I live in CO, that CU Denver is great for dental stuff but just do your research and determine what factors are the most important to you in a college like cost, program, environment whatever that may be just look into colleges based on that. Have on big list and then keep narrowing it down

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