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I am a Texas resident within the top 5% of my 1000 kid class. What schools should I set as targets for a pre-law tract?

-I am a junior planning to major in economics, business, or political science.

-I have a 4.0 GPA(unweighted), 107.64 GPA(weighted with 1.2x AP multiplier and a 1.1x honors multiplier) and a 1530 SAT + a 1450 PSAT.

-I am ICDC qualified for this year(first time) in DECA.

-I am TFA State qualified for Congressional debate.

-I have a 3rd degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do with two years of volunteered-instructing for classes.

-I was an officer for an Aerospace Club(1 year) and have a leadership position for Red Cross Club(2 years).

-My CyberPatriots team this year also achieve platinum status(top 10% in the state).

--> I'm planning on being a TA for my AP World History Teacher during my Senior year and I have a summer pre-law shadowing internship set up in a small local firm.

What can I do to bolster my GPA and what business competition opportunities exist outside of DECA and FBLA? Particularly, are there any summer online competitions that you would recommend?

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