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Can someone chance me please?

Demographic: Indian male, currently a junior

GPA: 4.0 UW 4.5 W (the electives were all non-honors)

school doesn't do class rank, but I'm in the top 99.63% of my class of 750 students

8 APs in total (8 APs offered at my school)

Test score: 1530 SAT (800 math, 730 ERW)- should I retake?


U of A KEYS research internship- looking to publish a paper 🤞

trying to start one of these clubs at my school if time allows (60% chance I do start one of them): International Research Olympiad, Science National Honor Society, or HOSA

nursing services elective- shadowed quite a bit here

KEYS crew mentor (mentored future KEYS research cohorts)

2nd place at the district science fair and 3rd in the state fair

shadowed doctors, 75+ hrs (dentist, pediatrician, and family physician)

President of my schools future medical professions club

member of school's graphic design club, 2 designs published

over 200+ hrs of volunteering at a hospital

Vice president of speech and debate, degree of distinction competitor

trying to run for secretary, VP or president for NHS

varsity XC captain

part of the Board of Directors of a non profit that I co-founded (managed to bring a farmers market to my community)

recreational guitar (I did play it while volunteering at the hospital)

awards/ honors:

AP scholar with distinction

degree of distinction speech and debate competitor

won my district science fair and got 3rd in the state fair (using research from internship)

not much else tbh 😭


haven't written them yet but hopefully at least a 6.5/10 at minimum

wanted to know my chances for these BSMD programs and ivies: Brown PLME, Case Western PPSP, UConn SMP, Penn State APMP, Rochester REMS, Rutgers Newark BSMD, Columbia University, Brown (undergrad), NYU, Stanford, and Cornell. (P.S I'm not a US citizen or permanent resident if that makes any difference)

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Hi! I don't believe that chance me questions are allowed... Look at number 3 of the community guidelines

@_KC_2 months ago

You can also do your chance prediction by yourself by using the collegevine's chancing engine, but do not believe that it is 100% accurate

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