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Class Rank Update

Since I reported it on my applications, my class rank has changed from 15/400 to 10/400. Is it worth emailing colleges to inform them of this change, or will it not affect my admissions decision?

Thank you

@Jael_S2382 months ago

What colleges did you apply to, if you don't mind sharing?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@panda122 months ago

The most competitive are Boston University, Northeastern, and UC Berkeley.

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2 months ago

I wasn't sure, so I asked Ivy assistant: "Boston University and Northeastern both have a holistic review process, which means they consider multiple factors, including class rank, when making admissions decisions. However, it's unclear how much weight they place on class rank specifically.

UC Berkeley, as part of the University of California system, also follows a comprehensive review process. While class rank is considered, it's not the sole determining factor for admission.

Given this information, it could be beneficial for your friend to update these colleges with their improved class rank, especially if the change is significant. However, they should also be mindful of each college's preferred method for receiving updates, such as through their application portal or via email to the admissions office. Here's a draft your friend can use to inform the colleges about their updated class rank:

Subject: Update on Class Rank - [Student's Full Name], [Application ID or Date of Birth]

Dear [Admissions Office or Admissions Officer's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Student's Full Name], and I recently submitted my application to [College Name]. I am writing to provide an update on my academic standing.

Since submitting my application, my class rank has improved from 15/400 to 10/400. I believe this updated information might have a positive impact on my application and wanted to make sure it's taken into consideration during the review process.

Please find my application details below for reference:

Full Name: [Student's Full Name]

Application ID: [If applicable, or Date of Birth]

High School: [High School Name]

Intended Major: [Intended Major]

I kindly request that you update my application with this new information. If there are any further steps I need to take or additional information you require, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am excited about the possibility of attending [College Name] and appreciate your attention to this update.


[Student's Full Name] [Email Address] [Phone Number]

Your friend can customize this template as needed and send it to each college's admissions office or update the information through the college's application portal, if available. Remember to replace all the bracketed information with your friend's personal details."

Hope this helps! lmk if you have any more questions.

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