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How to wtite the best myself essay for scholarship?

I am GED graduate student and I am trying to attend university. Unfortunately, my father cannot support when

I am GED graduate student and I am trying to attend university. Unfortunately, my father cannot support when I attend university. So, I need to get scholarship and I am preparing to apply scholarship agency. Therefore, I can write the best myself essay for scholarship.

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Hi @chaw2004-17! I wrote a post a little while ago about writing amazing essays and you may appreciate it: collegevine.com/c/junior/49537/make-your-essay-stand-out

The #1 thing people want to see in your essay is passion. You don't need to have an amazing story or anything like that, just share your passion and be unique! Also, make sure you answer the prompt they give you. Essays that don't answer the prompt are likely the first ones disregarded. Follow ALL the guidelines they give you. I recommend staying away from using Ivy assistant to review your essay (AI is normally not allowed for writing competition essays) but you can submit it for peer essay reviewing. I like to do it multiple times so I can get several different students' opinions. It's not a good idea to just change everything they suggest- make sure you think about the suggestions first. Does the suggestion fit your essay and your essay's tone? I have disregarded some well-meant suggestions because they took my essay in a direction I did not want.

Please lmk if you have any questions about essay writing! I would be happy to help.

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