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On a waitlist to the only university I applied to and I need advice on what to do.

I’m currently enrolled at a community college and finishing my requirements for a degree for transfer. I originally planned to apply to more universities but my mom said it’s not a good idea if my heart was already set on the one and also the high cost to send them in. My gpa is 3.68 and I’m confident it will go up this semester. I have been waitlisted to the only university I applied to and now have no idea what I will do if I don’t get off. Any advice? Should I just reapply during the next admission cycle?

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Hey there! I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to remind you that it's important to focus on your current academic responsibilities and work to improve your GPA. Keep up the good work! By doing so, you can increase your chances of admission if you decide to reapply to university.


2 months ago

@JellyKid applying to ONLY 1 school is an insanely risky idea. Even people with perfect GPA, perfect ACT or SAT, perfect EC would apply to atleast 4-10 schools.

I understand that applying to schools are quite expensive, because I know that too, applying to just 1 school is already around $100, which really hits hard for me as I am thinking about applying to a lot. But the opportunity you lost NOT applying to school is much much more, I recommend that you atleast apply with like this, 1 safety school, 2 target, and 1 reach school. There are also fee waivers, so I think you should look into that.

Good luck! I hope it helped!


2 months ago

Hi, I was not familiar with the waitlist process so I used Ivy assistant: "Respond promptly: If your friend has been waitlisted, they should follow the instructions provided by the college to confirm their spot on the waitlist.

Write a letter of continued interest (LOCI): In this letter, your friend should express their strong interest in the college, provide updates on any recent achievements or activities, and explain why they believe the college is a good fit for them.

Request an updated letter of recommendation: If your friend has a strong relationship with a teacher or counselor, they could request an updated recommendation that mentions their recent accomplishments and commitment to the college.

Stay in touch with the admissions office: It's essential to maintain communication with the admissions office, as it demonstrates your friend's genuine interest in the college. However, they should be careful not to contact the office too frequently, as it could come across as overwhelming.

Keep up academic performance: Your friend should maintain their grades and extracurricular involvement, as colleges might request updated transcripts before making a final decision.

Consider other options: While your friend is working to improve their chances of being accepted from the waitlist, it's crucial to have a backup plan. They should accept an offer from another college they've been admitted to before the deadline."

I hope this helps you. Please lmk if you have any more questions!


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