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Are my extracurriculars good enough for a decent college?

I have been very anxious about whether my extracurriculars are enough.

I am an American Citizen who has only done high school in India, the rest of my schooling was in America. These are my ECs.

1.Learned Indian Classical Dance for 10 years and have recieved several certificates including one for distinction in my 5th year. I have also performed for many cultural events while I was in US and for a global summit here in India. I also sent a dance performance video for my nearby cultural society for a virtual event during lockdown.

2.I am doing Community Service at a local children's center and will have 40+ hours by the time I write my college applications

3.I have a blog where I write about culture and lifestyle, it has had over 200 viewers and has been visited over 200 times

4.I do several different arts and crafts such as painting, drawing, sewing, embroidery, etc and post on social media, my Instagram reels surpass 700 views and one of my paintings has been chosen for an exhibition at the Ahmedabad Management Association

5.I was part of the core team of the I Can Children's Global Summit by Design for change that helped run the program, help with workshops run by people around the world, and I performed a dance there as well

6.I have participated in an MUN at a school level and won Best Delegate

7.I have participated in several school level competitions and won a few as well including a debate competition and a poem recitation competition, and have also anchored in several school events.

8.I have been self learning both the guitar and flute, and I have been playing the flute since the 5th grade. I have won a school wide competition for instrumental music and performed with our school band for an annual event. I also post reels of my music on social media, which have almost 600 views individually.

9.I do photography recreationally and post it on social media, the posts of which has reached more than 100 accounts.

Are these ECs enough, considering the fact that I did high school in India?

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2 months ago

These look great! Just keep doing the things you are passionate about and the ECs that show who you are. Passion appeals to admission officers. Always with ECs choose quality over quantity.

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