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French or Art

Hi! I’m a rising sophomore trying to figure out my elective courses, and I currently have an open spot that I could fill with either art or French. I’m in French 3, which is as high as my school requires, but my parents have been pushing me to take French 4, since languages look good on applications. I’m really passionate about art though, although I haven’t been able to take a class since elementary school. I plan on going into an artistic career, and I’ll probably be applying to several art schools. I’ve considered taking art classes outside of school, but that would mean I won’t have access to things like governors school or national art honor society.

In y’all’s opinion, which of these should I choose?


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2 months ago

This depends. Normally, I immediately advise students to choose the classes they are passionate about- this is important on the application. However, I am aware that many students here on Collegevine aspire to attend Ivy Leagues and they look for 3-4 years at least of the same language. However, I also noticed you are only a freshman and you are taking French 3. That is great! You have several years to take French so it may be a good idea to take the art class. Like I said, choosing classes within your career of interest is a great way to boost the application. Not only does it show your passion but it all helps you explore your passion. For example, I loved floral design so I began taking floral design classes. The classes helped me learn what areas I like and what I don't. This helped me narrow down the future career possiblities and ulitmately find the college that would best prepare/train me for my career. Exploring your passion is an important part of high school as it offers clarity for what you may want to do in the future.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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