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ED 2 Deferrral from Lafayette College

Hi guys,

I just got an update on my application portal stating that I have been deferred to regular decision for Lafayette College. I'm an international student, with good grades, a nice SAT score (1500), decent extracurriculars, letters of rec, and essays. I want to boost my application a little bit while I can. Any tips on what to do ???? I really want to get into this college and I know that since I'm a US non-citizen, the chances are very small, but I want to at least try and try hard.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

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My son was denied admission. ED Ii only 8% of the classes international students. The rest are minorities first generation and athletes.

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2 months ago

I was not familiar with the deferral process, so I asked Ivy assistant:

"If you receive a deferral, it means the college has not made a final decision on your application yet and will review it again during the regular decision round. While it can be disappointing, it's essential to stay positive and take proactive steps to improve your chances of acceptance:

Update your application: Inform the college admissions office about any new accomplishments, awards, or significant experiences you've had since submitting your application. This could include improved grades, new extracurricular activities, or additional community service projects.

Write a letter of continued interest (LOCI): Express your ongoing enthusiasm for the college and reiterate why you believe it's the best fit for you. Highlight any new achievements and explain how they further demonstrate your compatibility with the school's values and goals.

Request an updated letter of recommendation: If you've developed a strong relationship with a teacher or mentor since submitting your application, consider asking them to write an additional letter of recommendation on your behalf.

Stay focused on academics and extracurriculars: Continue to excel in your coursework and maintain your involvement in extracurricular activities. Demonstrating consistent effort and commitment can only strengthen your application.

Prepare for other college options: While you're waiting for the final decision, make sure you submit applications to other colleges that interest you. It's essential to have backup options in case you're not admitted to your top choice.

Lastly, remember that a deferral is not a rejection. The college is still considering your application, and taking these steps can help demonstrate your dedication and enhance your chances of acceptance."

Hope this helps and good luck!

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