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I really want to go to Illinois Wesleyan. It is my first choice school; I messed up because I applied with Nice instead of Common App, and I was confused by how it works; I thought I had been admitted, but actually, they are waiting on my midyear report. I got 2 Cs (AP Calc and AP Stats) and 1 B (AP macroeconomics) on my midyear but got As in my other classes, do you think I should email my admission counselor and try to explain my grade drop or just submit it or should I ask if I can resubmit on common-app so they know more information that just my GPA, Transcripts, and SAT (1350). Am I overthinking this advice welcome. My GPA previous to this semester was 4.18 and now its 4.09 unweighted it went from 3.86 to 3.78 should I be worried or am I fine. I feel like submitting my common app would be helpful as I have good extracurriculars, Cross Country/Track captain and Eagle Scout I did not think this through as I thought Nice was more of an automatic acceptance by GPA and SAT type thing.

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I would email the admissions counselor and explain that you meant to apply through the Common App to show your ECs, etc. Ask if there is a way to offer this information without reapplying through Common App. If they asked for a mid year report, you will have to give it despite the grades. Grade drops should only be explained if there was uncontrollable situations- like physical ailments, etc. Otherwise, it can sound like excuses even if you don't mean to.

Hope this helps and lmk if you have any questions. You can do this!

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