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AP biology

I want to major in pharmacy and I was wondering if I should take AP Bio my Jr. Year.

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2 months ago

That would probably be a good idea, not just application wise but also prepping you for the college classes involved with the program.

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I took AP Biology as a junior this year. At my school, it's one of the most rigorious classes offered, but (I think) that's standard across many schools to prepare you the really tough exam at the end of the year. Honestly, I would go for it. I learned a lot and it pretty much confirmed that I would like to go into the health field in the future (planning to major in neuroscience or psychology). My college counselor mentioned that AP biology might be a hard class to recieve an A in, and since colleges generally look at your junior year grades, a B might bring your unweighted down. However, I do know based on my own research and my ap biology teacher's research that colleges, especially smaller private ones that take into course rigor into account when viewing your unweighted GPA (usually this info can be found on their admissions page on the college's website) that they will appreciate your willingness to take a hard class. I know it was worth it for me because I planned on asking my AP biology teacher to write my letter of recommendation for college. Honestly, it's a pretty personal choice, and I would weigh the pros and cons for each before deciding.

Also, on the same note, I know some upper classmen who are majoring in nursing are not currently taking or took AP biology. One of them never took it at our high school (dropped out of it) and still was able to recieve a 4.0 in biomedical sciences in college (in her case, not prepping for her intended major didn't put her at a disadvantage, however she does wish she showed that she was more interested in that field in college applications). So again, it's really up to you :)

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions about my experience :)

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