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Is starting a Red Cross Club feasible during these times?


Hey guys! This is my first time asking a question here so I hope everything is fine. (For some context, I am a rising junior, and I have never started a club before.)

I have just recently heard about it and I'm interested in starting a Red Cross Club at my high school this coming school year. Should I? My high school has gone completely virtual and I don't know how that would work. Thank you!


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I started a Red Cross Youth Club at my school 2 years ago and honestly, this is my favorite EC club now. I think that if you could maybe advertise it in some way (say FB group of school or just spread the word about it) you could get enough members to support the founding of the club. Although many of the Red Cross activities are limited, for now, there are still many (and I really mean MANY) ongoing campaigns and incentives, even some that are online. So, why not? Good luck!

Thank you so much! I definitely feel a bit more excited about it now. Could I ask what virtual campaigns & incentives your club is doing now (if any)? :)
We had a StayHome campaign where we all posted photos with a #StayHome poster(with the Red Cross Youth logo ofc).We then made a collage out of all of those.We also filmed videos about that. Additionally,there were many online seminars here which were really helpful(especially the one about psychological first aid).Many of the usual activities are also ongoing as food is being given out to people who need it(financially insecure people)but this requires physical attendance(like the CoViD help).
Wow! I'll definitely be doing more research about virtual activities but those are great ideas! Thanks so much! :)