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Will not taking AP Calc AB at my school affect my chances at the UCs for CS?

Hi everyone! I'm a junior and I'm super stressed about college admissions due to the course load that I'm taking!

For some context, I go to a super competitive high school where a lot of students take a lot of APs. Per year, we can take 8 classes and I'd say a good majority take about 6 APs in those 8 classes. This is some reference for the district comparison. For further context, I wanted to preserve my GPA (3.9 unweighted, 4.4 weighted) this year so instead of taking 6 like normal, I took only 4 at school: AP CSA, AP Physics 1 and 2, and AP Psych. I was able to keep A's in Physics 1 and AP CSA as I wished and Physics 2 and Psych are going great so far.

I decided not to take AP Calc AB at school since many people I know either got Bs or Cs and as I mentioned I wanted to preserve my GPA so I took it off campus. I'm still finishing up the course but I'm pretty sure I'll get an A.

Also, for some more information, I'm not sure if I'll take the AP test since spots have filled up at my school and I'm not guaranteed a spot.

Will taking Calc off-campus impact my college applications? Will not taking the AP test for Calc AB affect my chances? Will colleges think I'm not competitive enough for CS?

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