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Why am i failing algebra 2 advanced?

I'm a high school freshman currently taking algebra 2 advanced, but i'm failing every single test i get, and this is affecting my grade very badly. Sure i was not the A+ student when i took geometry and algebra 1, but i still used to get A's and B's. Now, the highest i'm getting are C's. Im very worried about my transcript and my GPA. I passed first semester with a 72, and i'm scared to tell my parents because they consider me to be a Straight A student. My other classes are going good, the lowest grade i have right now with my other classes is an 87, i have 2 high B's and everything else A's. I've tried everything but i still keep failing algebra 2. Please suggest anything i can do to bring up my test scores, otherwise my grade will be really bad .

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a month ago

I recommend getting help. I know it can be embarrassing or stressful but getting help as soon as possible is the best way to prevent issues.

Some schools have peer tutoring systems or other tutoring resources that you can use. Or maybe one of your friends would agree to tutor you. I also recommend looking up supplemental videos-even Khan Academy- to help you understand concepts more. I found learning from a different teacher helps me understand it, as everyone teaches differently. I also recommend being honest with your parents. Tell them how hard you are truly trying and how discouraged you feel. Ask them to support you and you may be surprised how ready they are to stand by you and do everything they can to help.

You can do this! You might have to work hard, but you can do it. Math is solvable, you just need to know the tricks :)

a month ago

I have been taking high honers classes my whole life, and honestly, the best way to get better is to ask for help. Everyone has there Achilles heel, and toughing it out may end up causing you to fail harder than if you just asked for assistance.

Ask for a tutor, or extra work, or if available come in during study hall or after school.

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