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Hi! I'm looking for someone to review my extracurriculars or projected ECs), because I am a sophomore. I know they don't reflect my intended major well, however, my school does not have a law club, model UN, or debate club.

Here are my projected ECS

- Future Farmers of America (All years of high school): Attended MFE, ALA, and State (leadership conferences), raised livestock for 2 years, competed in several public speaking and knowledge competitions, was an FFA officer in senior year

- Our Youth 4 the Climate (10th-12th): assisted in writing a climate ed curriculum that is being implemented into international schools, taught said curriculum at my school (11th and 12th), wrote several blogs for website, utilized social media to educate the public on climate issues

- JROTC (9th&10th): sustained an administrative leadership position for 10 months, completed over 80 service hours through different community events, competed in an Ethics Bowl, competed in regional/national drill and academic competitions

-ASB (9th, 11-12th): sustained a leadership position, assisted in planning Homecoming events, Prom, Senior events, and managing purchases made within the school. Led rallies, fundraisers, and events targeted at raising money for Senior events

- Principal's Advisory (11th & 12th): addressed concerns within the school such as lack of SAT/ACT prep, administration issues, etc. Attended city and school board meetings to address these concerns.

- FARMS Leadership (10th): attended fieldtrips to expand my knowledge in agricultural buisness, environmental science, and plant health.

- Summer job (11th-12th)

If there are any reccomandations as to what I should do in place of these, please let me know! I am really hoping to get into some good colleges come senior year, so all feedback is greatly appreciated on how I can strengthen my ECs.

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2 months ago

First of all, I just want to say I am a fellow plant lover :) Noticed the agriculture theme sprinkled throughout your ECs. Are you pursuing law or agriculture?

Secondly, these look pretty good but my advice is to keep pursuing things that are directly related to your passion/major of interest. For example, I am also into agriculture but horticulture and floral design as well. I really pursued these interests to the point that I have earned extra credits and done extensive work. I am already diving into my career and this is super appealing to colleges. Just do what you love and the rest will fall into place! (The other perk is that doing things you enjoy help you stay healthy and focused during school!)

However, if you are interested in law, you may need to find other avenues of ECs. I actually noticed more agriculture than lawish things in your list. Made me wonder if you are pursuing what you really enjoy or if you are combining 2 unique interests. Both are totally okay! Just be ready to explain the connection of your interests in the admissions essay. Colleges appreciate unique students with unique interests so this could be to your advantage. Just begin thinking about what connects the things you love and how you may weld them together in your future career.

Hope this makes sense. Please reply if you have any questions!

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