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I am a junior in high school with no AP credits I have 2 extracurriculars from Sophmore year and I’m currently taking dual enrollment at a college. I feel unprepared for college I have no idea what colleges or what I’m interested in majoring in and I don’t know if I will even be accepted anywhere if my information is good enough how do I go about how to prepare and have a list of where I possible would want to go

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First, think about what matters to you. What do you love? Each person has a unique life calling. Do you want a college degree or is there something else more important to you, like a family or other? Consider your hobbies. When are you happiest? Where are you happiest? I discovered I was happiest working with plants and being around kids. This led me to decide to go to school for horticulture and move towards running my own business so I can be home with my children.

It takes time to discover what you were born to do. I recommend exploring the little things that you find refreshing. Eg, if you enjoy baking, look into culinary degrees OR there are many culinary options besides college. Another example is if you enjoy doodling, consider art school. Those things you have had a little taste of and are left wanting more- go for it! High school is meant to be a time of exploration.

A helpful tool I used was BigFuture at Collegeboard. I took quizzes and then there were recommended careers to research. These kinds of quizzes are not always accurate but give you ideas of what kind of careers are out there.

I also want to be realistic with you. The truth is that you will not get into top schools. However, please do not let this disturb you. Like I said before, each student has a unique journey and Ivies are not for most people. In fact, I know people who left Ivies because they were too hard and draining, so don't be discouraged! It is also true that college is not for everyone. There are many great options out there to consider.

If you decide you truly want to go to college, then you will want to first consider what you would be going to school for. From there, you can use BigFuture college search engine to show schools with that specific program. It is important to choose a school that will prepare you for the career you want. Then think about the other aspects, such as location, demographics, availabile clubs, financial aid, etc.

Hope this helps you and please reply if you need any additional advice! You got this :)

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