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What resources do you suggest to help a student decide what to major in?

My daughter is currently a junior and previously wanted to be a Neonatologist but is now considering Psychology. Either way, she's not 100% sure so I was wondering what resources you can recommend helping figure out what the ideal degree possibly based on personality and interests. This can also help her figure out what would be the ideal university for her. Thank you.

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Can I ask what neonatologist is? I’ve never heard of it.

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2 years ago

There are plenty of quizzes online for students to get options based on their personalities. A lot of these quizzes are from the college websites themselves, so they could be helpful. Keep in mind that the suggestions from the quizzes aren't all accurate. Here are just some of them.




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2 years ago

I was confused like her when it came to my future major, but this website helped me with deciding one major!


Also she can take a double major, take minors, certificates, I see people studying history and medicine at the same time!

So the most important thing is finding someone she enjoys.


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