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Appeal letter format and strong evidence


I am a parent of a student in senior yr who applied for almost 16 colleges and waiting for decisions from a lot of them as part of Regular Decision process. My question is 2 fold:

1. With the recent announcement of UF decisions, she came to know that she did not get in, while her other classmates with lower stats compared to her got in with no issues. If anything, I am thinking her essay might be weak when compared to others, as the review process with counselors did not start when this was due. I am thinking to go with appeal process under omitted information clause. I want few suggestions of submitting a strong appeal letter.

2. As she is still waiting for decisions from other colleges: USF, UCF, FSU, U Miami, Cornell, UNC Chapel Hill, Emory, Tufts, Tulane, etc. I want to see her chances of getting into any of these colleges.

Below are her stats:

SAT: 1530

ACT: 33

GPA: 3.65 out of 4

EC list:

School SGA President

HOSA member with participation in states

FBLA Member with participation in nationals

2 summer internships

Worked as marketing director for a non-profit: Medical Wonders

National Honors Society member

Earned Civil Servant award for 700 community service hrs

She applied for Public Health major with pre-med track. And minor in computer science.

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Yes, the essay is definitely weighed very heavily during the admissions process. That is probably 1 factor that prevented your daughter from being accepted. Another thing colleges really, really want to see is passion. If your daughter's application expressed her unique passion less directly than her classmates, that would affect her chances very much. Colleges want determined students with passion that drives them.

For writing a letter of appeal, the biggest tip I have heard is to express why the school should have accepted you, not why you think they rejected you. It should be polite and positive, despite the stress I am sure you are feeling.

I recommend looking up how to write a convincing appeal letter- but read/watch many sources. Don't take the first article and run with it. Study up on it and read several views on appeal letters.

If you have any questions, please lmk! I hope your daughter gets in.

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