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UpcomingJuniour: Need Help Choosing Courses for Next Yr

Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the college admissions process and what colleges find apeealing, so I thought I could receive your guys help. I need help choosing courses for next yr and while I know it is not a make-or-break decision, I still would like some input on what courses I should take. I've took courses in the past which I've regret and I don't wanna waste space like that again. I would like to be a cs major and mostly use these courses to maximize my gpa.

I have the confirmed courses down but need help choosing what sohuld be in the last two spaces. I don't care about the overall difficulty as I'm would say I have good study habits and time mangagments, I just need something to stand out my applciaiton in a way.


Research Physics


AP Lang




Blank Options - AP Bio, AP Chem, Ap stats, German 5 (should I continue),

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Hey! I don't know if you still need help but the choices you have right now look great. I'm also in 11th grade but to me it would look seriously impressive if you continued your German. Continuing in something even when you don't have to is a really good way to impress admissions. I would say go ahead and take German. AP chem is pretty hard, so if you're only looking to boost gpa and it wouldn't help your major, I would stay away from that. I'm super excited for AP bio so maybe it's a bias, but that would be good. It would also show that you are also into things like science (not computer) and that you are able to create a variety of interests and foster them. Hope that helped!

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