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Is there a specific path I have to go through to become a lawyer?

I am a highschool junior planning on becoming a lawyer in the future. I am wondering on what I should do with college to become a lawyer? What should I look for in a college to achieve that career path?

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ooooooo okay i think i can actually answer this question! :)))

so as i’m sure you know, you gotta get a degree in something before you go to law school. i know a lawyer (im in mock trial and he’s our legal advisor), and he says that the degree doesn’t matter. like, you need a bachelor’s, but it doesn’t have to be any particular thing. obviously criminal justice or law related things are good, as well as english. all of those score super well on the bar, but major in whatever you want!

i would look for a college that has high rates of sending people to law school, or a college with a law school. honestly, you can get into a law school if you’re gonna put the effort in. i wouldn’t worry too much about your undergrad college, tho. the more important thing is looking at law schools you can potentially go to after you get a bachelor’s.

hope this helps! :)

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