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How do I get better extracurriculars while playing sports and taking a lot of AP classes

Im a sophmore right now, planning on taking 5 AP classes next year as a junior

AP Lang

AP Pre Calc

AP Seminar


AP Physics

I play Varsity soccer for my school in the fall and then club soccer in the spring and I was wondering how do I get more and better extracurriculars while doing all of this, and I was planning on getting a job this november

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As a sophomore who currently takes APUSH and AP seminar, I've done lot's of extracurriculars! The main things you need to do is take advantage of all of your free time. You're planning to take a lot more AP classes than I am currently, so you probably won't be able to do as many extracurriculars, but its still possible. I did marching band in the fall, 3 theater productions this year, and I'm a member of concert choir, percussion ensemble and chamber orchestra at my school. It's possible to fit it all in, you just have to manage your time well.

Something I like to do when its tech week of a musical and I don't have time to do homework after school, is I'll do it while I'm eating a lunch. If I have more than I can finish during a lunch period, I'll wake up a bit earlier and get it started in the morning. One thing with AP classes, is if you need help understand a topic/didn't have time to do the ungraded reading assignment, there is always a YouTuber you can listen to in the car/on the bus to and form school, who will cover the topic. Its always better to do the readings, if you have time, but sometimes you won't.

How you're going to fit in other extracurriculars depends on what other extracurriculars you're in. The main thing is communication with coaches, club sponsors and your boss, especially when there's a conflict. Work with them to figure out how to manage the conflict. If you have a game Saturday, but your company wants you to work more hours and schedules you that day, consider offering to take hours on Sunday/a day you don't have practice instead.

A great extracurricular to join would be something like NHS or key club. Volunteering looks good on an application, and NHS looks even better, because its an honor society. However, if you can't fit these things into your schedule, you can also just volunteer on your own time. You know it won't conflict with anything else you do, if you plan it around everything else you do. Say you don't have anything after school on Wednesdays, so you decide to help out at your local soup kitchen.

Whatever extracurriculars you decide to fit in, the main thing is knowing your limits and communicating with the people in charge/people you're working with. You can do it!

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