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BS/MD vs. Premed

Hi! I've recently been accepted to Indiana University Indianapolis and its new BS/MD program. This is the first year they are offering the program and have accepted 20 students out of 120+ applicants. The program is a 7-year accelerated program that matriculates into the IU School of Medicine. The requirements for staying in the program are a 512 MCAT, a 3.7 GPA, and clinical/research hours set up through the school. My due date to make a decision is April 1st and I won't be getting back all my decisions until the last week of March. Here are my options and let me know what your opinion is!

1) Accept the BS/MD offer

Pros: possible Chancellor's scholarship so I'd only pay for housing, guaranteed acceptance into med school, matriculates into a decent med school, in-state student so med school cost is less, graduating a year early

Cons: IU's first year offering the program, not a school I would have considered if not the program, limits my med school options to only IU, does not have the school pride/student life I am looking for in a college as well, iffy on city campus

2) Attend Purdue University as a Biochem Major

Pros: Strong science program, my favorite in-state school, most cost-effective undergrad option, strong sports/community centered around Purdue, the school I would like to go to in-state, gives the "undergrad experience", has a community/campus I love, gives chance to attend a med school more to my liking than IU

Cons: Does not guarantee acceptance into med-school, must go through the normal pre-med track (take MCAT, extracurriculars, maintain GPA)

3) Attend Northwestern? as a Biology Major

I have not gotten decisions back and will not for another 2 weeks but want to consider this possibility

Pros: Prestige, dream school, a strong pre-med program that could help me into med school, strong student pride/sports, dream campuses with Northwestern's proximity to city and lake, undergrad experience, strong academic community, gives a higher chance of getting into better med school (dream med school is Northwestern)

Cons: rigorous curriculum, does not guarantee acceptance into medical school, must go through premed with the competition of other Northwestern students, very expensive tuition + housing

Thank you for your help and advice!

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off topic but Northwestern University recently launched a program called NUSUP that offers guaranteed acceptance into medical school. Although the program is expensive, it guarantees acceptance if you're selected, and you'll be notified of your acceptance in your junior year of undergrad. However, you've already received an offer to a bs/md program, which is a significant accomplishment and may provide more financial benefits in the long run. So it does seem like a really tough decision :C

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