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08/28/2020 at 10:36PM

Any good chem tips?

Hey! Does anybody have any tips for chemistry(just a general chem high school course, not AP)? Or any resources?

I'm just looking for tips for taking notes/class participation, etc. and some good resources in case I'm confused about what my teacher taught or just preparing for a test. Ex.) websites, youtube channel/playlist, online resources, books, etc.

Thanks so much!

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08/29/2020 at 03:14PM

Uh I am in AP right now, but my tips can apply to you.

1) Read the textbook. If your teacher has a textbook, read all of it. Don't skip over any details. Read all the little cutout sections that talk about chemistry applied to the real world. It will ALL help you.

2) Organic Chem Tutor. This is an awesome youtube channel that goes over chemistry concepts and multiple examples to make sure you have a concept down.

3) For online textbooks, I'd suggest chem libre text. AP textbooks are also helpful but they may be overkill for an honors/cp class.

4) For studying, treat chemistry like a math class. Do lots of practice problems in each concept.

@crsgo042208/30/2020 at 03:21PM

organic chem tutor is also really good for precalc/calculus and a little bit of physics :) i did a 6-week chem summer crash course last summer so it might be different from your experience but what i also recommend is to study the book/unit guide/packets whatever that your teachers give you IN FULL. a lot of high school teachers simply can’t cover the entire unit. this is for the New York state curriculum but it really helped me so i recommend looking at these notes —>

@crsgo042208/30/2020 at 03:21PM