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DECA/FBLA/JA eca alternatives in India? [for business!]

Hey!! DECA, FBLA and JA are all unavailable in India. I have been trying to get my own started but I'd also love to be able to join something that already exists! Is there any sort of club/competition that exists online or in India?

also, any other extracurricular suggests for business management/marketing would be greatly appreciated!

here's what I've already got:

- internship

- 3 summer school programs (2 reading, 1 business)

- business focused blog

- research volunteer

- 100+ hours donating food to the poor

- environmental blog writer for publication (w humility)

- reading club at school

here's what I'm working on:

- marketing + pr intern

- working on a website for analysing sales data

- marketing tips account

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11 days ago

Hey Prisha! I'm so glad to see this question, because when I moved from the US to India two years ago, I was also eager to join a business club like FBLA and DECA. As an aspiring business student, I understand where you're coming from.

Determined to make a difference, I took the initiative and started a business club in my school called FELA - the Future Entrepreneurs and Leaders Association. Much to my surprise, there were many students just like you who were eager to join a business platform, and FELA grew to unexpected heights. We now have 7 student officers in leadership positions, over 100 members, and 3+ chapters in various schools here in Hyderabad, Telangana.

FELA can be executed through both an online and in-person structure, and we're looking to expand into other states in India. If you (or anyone else reading this) are interested in learning more about FELA or joining our community, please feel free to reach out! I'm linking our information below:

Website: felayouth.org/contact-us

Instagram: @fela_org

Looking forward to hearing from you!

a month ago

If you love math, you could check out Triad Math Inc. I worked for them last year as a Personal Marketing Assistant. It was a great experience but I am not headed for a marketing career, so I needed to focus on other things. They may have several job options for teenagers. I don't know if they would hire international students but it is a virtual job most often, so it could be worth looking into.

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