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Can I change subjects in IB-DP after the first semester

By the start of the IB-DP I was planning to become a computational economist/econometrist. Although, recently my interests have shifted from economics to science, particularly - neuroscience. My current IB subjects are Math AAHL, Econ HL, English HL, Physics SL, CS SL, Armenian SL. I'm considering to at least make my Physics an HL making Econ into SL. An alternative is to change Physics from SL to HL, again, but also replace Economics SL with Biology SL. I'm pretty good at Physics and changing SL to HL won't be a problem. Although, I'm concerned about Biology. Is it possible to change an IB subject after the first semester or not. If not, what other ways are there to show the admission officers that I don't lack knowledge in Bio, because, despite being computational, neuroscience is yet considered part of Biology. I was thinking of other supplemental Bio courses if I don't manage to change Econ to Biology. Guys, given the complexity of the situation I would highly appreciate your advice. Thanks very much in advance

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a month ago

Hey! That's really cool that you've switched your interests.

Tbh, I'm basing this on my experience, it's unlikely this is allowed. Your predicted grades are developed using the data from your first two semesters of junior year, it might be tougher for your teachers to do this.

However, these are the rules followed by my school, so I would highly suggest checking with your guidance counsellor. If it isn't allowed, take some AP classes outside and focus your passion projects on neuroscience.

Best of luck!! Let me know how it goes :)

a month ago

I don't know much about IB, unfortunately. I recommend speaking with your high school counselor and getting their advice.

Biology is important. If you haven't taken any Bio, though Econ is related, I recommend fitting Bio in somewhere. Maybe you could take a summer or online course.

Hope this helps a little bit. I am sorry I don't know more about how IB works!

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