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Could i change this course.

I'm going into 9th grade and I don't know if I'm able to change a certain course I'm really confused so I really need someone to answer my question as briefly as possible. Please and Thank You.

My story: I asked my guidance counselor if I was able to change my extra courses. she told me that my extra courses were [S1-Art foundations, S2-Phys Ed/Heath], what would I like to change?.

My questions: In the high school are you able to move gym/health to another semester and replace it with another extra course? Or are you support to have gym/health all year? Also, do I get to choose and extra course every semester?


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4 years ago

Hi there. I myself have dealt with scheduling problems, so I will try to answer your question as briefly as I can.

In terms of your first question, yes you are able to move gym or health to another semester, but only if there is still a spot available in the class and you don't have a class conflict. (ex. I wanted to change from regular gym to gym for athletes but I couldn't because I had choir 1st hour and it was only offered 1st hour) If you postpone your health/gym to another semester, you will have to replace it with another extra course so you don't have a gap in your schedule.

You are not supposed to have gym/health all year, from my experience they are usually a one trimester/semester class. I don't know what your school does, but you may have the choice to choose an extra course every semester or not. You should ask your counselor in terms of your last question.

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