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When should I start submitting my college applications?

This year is the beginning of my senior year and I plan to begin college at the beginning of the next school year, when should I start applying to colleges? Is there a timeline I should follow?

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2 years ago

The big decision is whether you are going to apply early action or early decision anywhere. If yes, then Nov.1 is the deadline which means you need to have your teachers and counselor write their recommendations prior to then so make sure you ask them around the end of September. If you are applying only regular decision which is Jan 1 or Jan 15, 2021, then ask them no later than Thanksgiving break. If you have all your standardized tests taken, you are in good shape. If not, you can still register for the Sept/Oct/Nov SAT tests and the Sept/Oct ACT tests. Most schools are making subject tests optional this year so you don't need to stress about those right now. Many students wait until the last minute to write their essays but that's a bad idea. I would start them now and continue to refine and work on them. The last thing is that if you are applying for Financial aid make sure you fill out your FAFSA and CSS form (college board) sometime this fall like beginning October 1. You will need those completed prior to applying to your schools. Good Luck with your college admissions journey.


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