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Aerospace Engineering SAT & GPA question

Hello! I am a junior and nervous about getting into college, especially my major of choice. I have a 3.6 GPA, taking 7 IB courses (3 HL & 4 SL) and 1 elective. I have a 1260 SAT and I am interested in Texas A&M. I'm aiming for an aerospace major and I don't know if this is even possible for me. I have retaken the SAT but I still need to obtain my score. My question is, what are the recommended scores for me to be able to go into engineering? If I were to predict my next SAT score, I would probably predict 1350 - 1390.

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Honestly, with a strong showing in your remaining IB courses, a potential SAT score improvement + a well-rounded application highlighting your passion for aerospace engineering grants you a good shot at getting into Texas A&M or similar universities for the major.

the average gpa for admitted engineering students at Texas A&M is around 3.8-4.0. While your 3.6 GPA is good, there's room for improvement!! the middle 50% range for admitted students' SAT scores is typically 1280-1490. Your predicted range of 1350-1390 falls within this range, which is a positive sign, especially if you improve your score on the retake.

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