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Low GPA for Rice but decent EC

Hello, I am currently a junior with an UWGPA of 3.5 and WGPA of 3.9. I realize they aren’t the best but my extracurriculars focus on robotics, our team has won state championships back to back and we are currently looking at another robotics program. My act (retaking) is a 28 and PSAt (taking sat in may) is 1300.

What else could I do to strengthen my chances? Or am i screwed 😭

Intended major is biomedical engineering

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28 days ago

Don't lose hope you definitely still have a chance. I also didn't have a good SAT/ACT scores for my applications. If you have a great extracurricular section along with internships I think that would definitely enhance your application.

I would suggest that you should try to get an internship for the major that you wish to pursue since that will show that your are committed to your major and are trying to strengthen your skills and learn more about your major. Along with that keep up the good work with robotics and perhaps try to participate in more competitions if possible.

Also, college essays play a big role in applications so I would suggest to try and get a headstart on college essays. You could use essay prompts from this year as practice and try to find sample essays of students. This can help strengthen your writing skills and help you write a good essay in the future.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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