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A+ in Honors english or AP Lang?

i have the choice of taking honors english or ap lang... the honors english is pretty much a guaranteed A/A+ because i had the teacher this year and she's VERY easy and all the teachers also say it's a guaranteed A+. there is also AP Lang which is supposed to be very difficult, i can't really judge what grade I would get but it's possible for me to have in the Bs. in the end, would it appeal to colleges more for me to have the high gpa with the honors or ap lang but a lower gpa. i would take a different ap if i don't take ap lang, so it would end up being the same amount of aps either way. my school has a 3 point grade boost for honors and 5 points for AP. let me know your thoughts! i am looking to go into law later, so i understand that taking english aps will be important. which one should i choose?

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@Jael_S23829 days ago

Do you mind sharing your grade and current GPA? Then I will know what to recommend based on how much time you have to boost it, if that makes sense.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@icyvegetable28 days ago

I am a 10th grader currently and have a 96.3/100 gpa. This counts as a 4.0 at my school! Thanks!

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28 days ago

Based on your GPA, it likely would be fine to take the honors english. It will give you freedom to focus on more difficult classes and still be considered an advanced course. However, if you are aspiring to attend competitive schools, they want to see a lot of APs on the transcript. So if you know you are hoping to attend a top20 or anything like that, consider how many APs you may need and if it would be beneficial to take more. That being said, taking more APs is a lot of pressure. Consider what is most important to you-a competitive or a balanced approach.

Lmk if you have any more questions!

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