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What course looks better to colleges?

Hi, I am currently a rising senior and I am planning my courses out for the school year. I plan to go into Chemical Engineering in college as my major so which course will look better to colleges: A business course that is unrelated to my major but it's AP weighted and gets me college credits from my local community college or a non-weighted Engineering Course that is on par with my major and covers in-depth the topics that will be covered in an Engineering Class to prepare prospective Engineering students? Please let me know which course will look better to colleges so I can pick the better option. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing some useful information!


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2 years ago

For sure the Engineering course because it shows you are genuinely interested in your major and if you do well in it (A), it shows you passionate about learning about engineering. Since engineering majors are more competitive than humanities or other majors, it's better to stack your deck with cards that have something to do with your interests. Just my opinion of course. Best of luck.

2 years ago

Match’s answer was very simplistic so here’s my more in-depth thoughts as it’s a lot more complicated then x over y.

Personally I say it’s six half dozen the other assuming the business course has a significant math component. Otherwise I’d lean towards the engineering course but this also depends on A: what type of engineering course it is B: how sure you want to be an engineer and C: what schools you are looking at and D: your extracurriculars.

You may just be looking at non selective state schools like Iowa Oregon St Ole Miss UNLV Tennessee UMass-Lowell (all have around an 80% admit rate) then I’d say the engineering program becuase it gives you an understanding of engineering.

While at Stanford Rice Wash U ivies you may want the college course as that shows rigor. But if you have minimal STEM ECs you may want the engineering class to show that you really are interested in STEM.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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