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Is this a good essay topic?

Hey guys! Rising junior here, and I'm considering applying to more selective schools. So, to sum it up, one of the essay topics that I am heavily considering writing goes something like:

Talk about growing up poor & verbally abusive father ⇨ many times where I felt alone ⇨ never wanted anyone else to feel the way I did ⇨ developed a love for listening to others, became a person that many friends would come to for advice ⇨ developed a passion for understanding and helping others ⇨ (might tie it into my interest in social sciences, not entirely sure though)

It will DEFINITELY be explained in way more detail & will be written as a story -- but that's a very rough summary of it. I guess my question is, is this a good enough topic to serve as my common app essay? Is it cliche in any way?


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a year ago

It's not a cliché if it reflects who you are, where you're coming from, the bumps you faced along the way and the realisations made too. If you're able to create a picture of you in the writer's head then it's a pretty good essay topic. Since it's a story try using story tools that is those things that make a story a story like the qouted words, the feelings, etc

a year ago

I think its a great essay topic and if done well, not cliché at all. Just make sure that you really talk about yourself (qualities and attributes you may have gained from your experiences for example).

Linking your life experiences to your passions (or what you intend to study) is great but make sure to not get lost in the story. From what I've heard, admission officers really want to hear about you, your qualities, your passions etc... All that rapped up in an attention grabbing story. It may sound narcissistic but make sure its about you (not someone else). I guess its all about finding balance between painting a picture for the reader and explaining what you've gone through.

I hope that helps


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