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SAT Freshman Year

I started to study for my AP Test and I was interested in taking the SAT as well. I’m currently a freshman, but I scored a 1340 on 8/9 PSAT (cap is 1440) and by the end of this year I will have finished Geometry and Algebra 1 & 2. Do you think that I have enough prior knowledge to take the SAT? English is a strong subject of mine and Math is as well, so I thought that I might take the test and see how I do. Either way, I have 2 years until I really need to lock in if I don’t do so hot this time. What do y’all think?


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25 days ago

Normally, I do not recomend freshmen taking the SAT but you might actually be good to go. I never took a 8/9 PSAT so I don't know, is that digital now? Because the digital SAT has quite a few tricks to it, so if you don't score well that may be the problem, not your knowledge.

I would say go for it! It would be awesome if you get that SAT out of the way early. It is a pain :) Of course, if you don't do the greatest, just move on. But if you do well (like 1300 and above) I actually advise you to lock in now. I took algebra early on but I waited until junior year for the SAT. I discovered that I had forgotten so much. I still can't remember everything I need. So do it when you have the knowledge or that knowledge will be gone once you get to SATs.

Hope that helps!

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