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Are Elite Colleges Interested in People With My Intended Majors?

I want to attend Duke for a lot of reasons. I love their academics, athletics, and school spirit. However, I want to major in filmmaking, theatre, and pre-law. Duke has all of those majors. I know Duke is a research school, but will they look at students who don't exactly want to major in its typical popular fields? I plan to create my own degree (one of the perks of Duke) to incorporate pre-law with film and drama. I have a lot of experience with drama and film but not so much pre-law.

Also, do you know if other great colleges that have a program where you can make your own degrees?


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Drexel University also has some great programs and even some combined degree options in those areas, especially filmmaking and Law. And there’s an option to design you own custom major too!

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