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I can’t decide between Ohio University and Ohio state university

I want to go into environmental science and something in digital marketing/ media. I am interested in the social life and overall campus environment, academics, internship opportunities, study abroad, and what’s gonna give me the best chance for a good job. For context I want to go to grad school as well and I love being in a cute college town with lots of nature and outdoor activities.

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This is particular, while both have a relatively equal Env. Science program, this will most likely boil down to which school has better student body and teaching program. However in my opinion I would go to Ohio state if given the choice between the two, in accounts for env science and student life.

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13 days ago

Honestly, you should take a look at these campuses yourself.

Although Ohio State is more “prestigious”, it really wouldn’t matter for your major as long as you have a good gpa. I’ve been to both, and honestly, Ohio State looks kind of boring, especially compared to Ohio University and Athens. Sure, there might be more things to do in Columbus, and better sports, but it isn’t as tight knit and it isn’t “run” by college students. I recommend take a normal day time college tour, to get to know the campus. Later that night, hopefully on a Friday or Saturday night, drive by the campus and the surrounding areas. As you drive by, you can see how the party scene is at bars, frats, and house parties. Go around dusk, so you won’t get stuck behind a bunch of drunk college kids and so you can see how large these places get. If there are already a lot of people, that place is gonna be packed in a few hours.

Honestly, both are great, but if you really want opportunities, go to Ohio State, but if you want a social aspect and the college town experience w/ slightly less opportunities, go to Ohio. If you want the best of both, go the Michigan or Penn State.

(All of these college party a lot, it’s just that Ohio was once named the #1 party school in the nation back in the 2000’s and they are trying to get it back)

16 days ago[edited]

Choosing between Ohio University and Ohio State University hinges on individual priorities and career aspirations. Ohio University offers a close-knit community and a strong liberal arts foundation, while Ohio State University boasts android development course in kochi extensive resources and research opportunities. Consider factors like campus culture, program offerings, and location to make an informed decision aligned with your goals.

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