2 years ago
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Transcript for AS/A Levels

I follow the Cambridge International Examinations curriculum, and am currently doing 3 AS Levels and 3 A Levels and have 7 IGCSEs. I have a few questions about how the transcript should look:

1. These are two year courses. If I self-report it on the application, should I leave the 9th grade and 11th grade sections blank?

2. Should it just include my official IGCSE results and my predicted AS/A Levels?

3. What else needs to be included?

2 years ago

Could you clarify your question? Most schools send the official transcript and you have no control over what's included. When self-reporting you can put the 2-year courses in both the years you took them. Maybe add a note that they were 2-year courses just to clarify.

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2 years ago

Your transcript should be sent by your school, so they should take care of everything! When self-reporting, just indicate that they were 2-year classes.


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