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Is Muskingum University good ?

I recently got an email from the admission director of Muskingum University, as per them I am a good fit for the uni. However, I have no idea about this university. I want to pursue computer science. Is this university worth it?

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11 days ago

Generally colleges engage in mass email campaigns reaching out to millions of students, showcasing their institution. It's important to recognize that these emails often serve as part of their marketing strategy rather than a genuine indication of your fit for the institution. Colleges, after all, are businesses and they are aiming to attract as many applicants as possible to generate revenue. Thus, while these emails may provide information, it's essential to approach them with a critical eye. I personally just discard all college emails and mails into the trash no matter if it is from an ivy or a random state school.

8 days ago

If you haven’t already, I recommend analyzing what you think would be “good” about a “good university”. Ask yourself what you want out of a university experience or what your ideal university would be like, since universities differ in campus settings, cultures, and academic programs. Then you could see how your preferences relate to Muskinghum’s qualities. I hope this helped! :)

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