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I don't have a counsellor at school and don't do much extracurricular how can I get into ivy League colleges?

I live in a very remote place of India and we don't have much opportunities here. Our school doesn't even have a cousellor and provide zero extracurricular activities to do. I really don't do anything besides study. But I really want to get into an Ivy League college. I'm currently in the 12th grade and will be passing out in 2021 . I want to apply for the class of 2025 . What should I do?????????

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What are your grades in weighted or unweighted GPA? How about your SAT/ACT test scores? Have you taken the TOEFL test for English and what is your score? How about any AP or IB classes? Do you have an SAT Subject test scores or AP scores or IB scores?

@DebaterMAX2 years ago

The CV algorithm isn’t geared towards international students and is also off for ivy caliber schools. Also @isheetaborah likely doesn’t have AP classes. I’d recommend you input 11 APs as a generic equivalent.

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2 years ago

So everything is evaluated in context and a lack of local opportunities will not horribly count against you but it will still hurt your application. Also as an intl student you face a lot lower chances of admission then an American. But if you dream of going to an American school there are a lot of schools that provide a world class education but doesn’t have the ivies admissions difficulty.

Personally I’d apply to Fresno St SJ St Oregon Oregon St and Wash St and EWU those are great schools but you can more easily get in.

TBH you have a sub 1% chance of admittance at any ivy. Not to disappoint you but you would likely need to prepare for ivy ever since 2018.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

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2 years ago

I feel you. I am applying too. The thing is try volunteering where you live, community service is something that can replace most extra curricular. Look for organisations such as EducationUSA they usually have the facility to help you fill out your application. You could even be the change you want to see, create those extra curricular activities you want to see at your school. Start a plant a tree club, a darts club maybe just for fun but this will help you bring change. I started my own organisation and that's something I will always mention every where I go.


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