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What should I do to increase my chances of entering into my dream school?

Are there any specific activities or programs I could join that would increase my chances of getting into the schools of my choice? A certain club, organization, or activity maybe? I want to enter the Naval Academy, but I was chanced at 5%, but I do not have SAT scores yet, and I have a GPA of around 3.5, which is another problem. what can I do to improve my ability to attend?

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Begin preparing slowly for that SAT! The digital is now quite different than the original so be sure to use updated materials, especially the Collegeboard resources (Question Bank and Practice Tests).

I am not familiar with Naval Academy, so I used Ivy to list some preparation suggestions to increase your chance of admittance:

Academics: Strong performance in challenging courses, particularly in math, science, and English, is essential. Encourage your friend to take advanced classes, like Honors, AP, or IB courses, to demonstrate their academic abilities.

Standardized test scores: High SAT or ACT scores are crucial for competitive applicants. Encourage your friend to prepare thoroughly for these tests and consider retaking them to improve their scores if needed.

Physical fitness: The Naval Academy requires applicants to pass the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA), which includes events like push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, a 1-mile run, and other exercises. Your friend should focus on staying in good physical shape and practicing for the CFA.

Leadership and extracurricular activities: The USNA values applicants who have demonstrated leadership and commitment in their extracurricular activities. Encourage your friend to take on leadership roles in clubs, sports teams, or community service projects.

Obtain a nomination: Applicants need a nomination from a member of Congress, the Vice President, or the President. Your friend should research the nomination process in their state and apply to as many nominating sources as possible.

Summer programs: The Naval Academy offers summer programs like the Summer Seminar, which give high school students a chance to experience life at the academy. Encourage your friend to apply for these programs to demonstrate their interest and commitment.

Interviews and essays: Strong interviews and essays can make a difference in the admissions process. Your friend should spend time preparing for their interviews and crafting thoughtful, well-written essays."

Hope this helps and lmk if you have any questions!

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It is important to balance school work with extracurriculars. Having a GPA of 3.5 is not ideal in this situation, but you can easily work on that. If your school offers a ROTC program I would highly recommend joining if you are interested in the Naval Academy. Volunteer work also looks great on applications for them. Good Luck!

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